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The Frankfurt School Business Game

The Frankfurt School Business Games (FSBG) brings 100 high-potential students from around the world together in Frankfurt am Main - Europe's heartland financial capital. You compete during two days with peers on challenging real-life business cases and workshops designed in collaboration with leading corporate partners. You are able to apply for this unique experience with and without a business background. Take this opportunity and gain practical, hands-on insights and network with peers and industry leaders.

Challenge yourself

With 2 challenging cases and several workshops during our business game, you will apply your theoretical existing knowledge on real-life cases. In the end, a jury will evaluate your findings.

Expand your knowledge

We carefully select our corporate partners to ensure a broad spectrum of industries. Our international range of participants give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge in many fields.

Build your Network

The perfect opportunity to build your network is here. Working with company representatives and 100 students from all over the world builds long lasting and valuable connections.

Connect with top employers

Connect with industry leaders from different sectors and have the chance to impress with your results. The first link to a potential future employer.

Challenge yourself
Expand your knowledge
Build your Network
Connect with top employers
Corporate Partners


The Schedule

That's right!

Quick Facts

This year of Frankfurt School Business Game, FSBG will be held on April 14th and 15th of 2023. Organized by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt am Main – one of Europe’s leading business schools.

To support planning efforts and ensure participants’ commitment, a participation fee will be applied.

Early Bird Ticket: 20€
Normal Ticket: 25€

*Fees only incur after applicants receive a confirmation of acceptance!

Bachelor-, Master-, MBA- and PhD students

Participants are selected based on CV screening and with the criteria the company partners value.