The Team

Frankfurt School Business Game has been made possible by this highly motivated and dedicated group of volunteer students from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Giulia Erichsen

Foeke IJntema
Head of Marketing

Margret Postulka
Head of Sponsorships

Sofie Sharaf
Head of IT & Logistics

Patrick Becker
Head of Marketing

Anne Postulka
Head of Case Design

Frederick Erichsen
Head of Logistics

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the talents and abilities of individuals who are capable of making a positive difference in the business world. 
We use challenging business cases that push participants to think entrepreneurially and create innovative solutions to real-world problems. We aim to develop our participants’ skills and prepare them for their future as business leaders.

We foster an entrepreneurial mindset

We embrace diversity

We help people develop innovative ideas

We strive for excellence in execution

We value honest and longstanding relationships